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The Legacy of the Mansarts
by Richard Brafford

Everything you always wanted to know and more about
Mansart, his descendants and the Mansard roof.

Travelogue, Part 4, India
by Andrew Nickson
In which the author makes his way through India.

Of Snowflakes, Ice, Figure Skating anda Very Brief Bit About Hexaflexagons
by Ela Schwartz
Inspired by Kenneth Libbrecht's snowflake books,
the author goes snowflake-gazing and off on a
few tangents.

Sites To Check

Still using an old school calculator?? - Career Centers Excel Training
Is everyone else using Excel? Think it's too late to learn? Don't be intimidated! Come to The Career Center, and let our Hands-On Instructor-Led Excel classes, show you the way, in to the powerful world of spreadsheets.

Looking for Lewis Carroll
Explore the curious life of the man and the curious way that history and biographers have dealt with him. offers an informative guide to everything you've ever wondered about snowflakes along with amazing photographs using snow crystal photo-microscopy.

Trailblazing Flexagons
Vern Gutenkunst presents a rich repository of flexagon information, history and trivia as well as his own version of the tritetraflexagon. Soon to go e-commerce with flexagon merchandise.
Lots of information on tri-, tetra, and pentadodecaflexagons, templates, and videos that demonstrate the art of flexing.

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. May he and his Noodly Appendage bestow blessings upon this site.

Chess Graphics for chess photographs, illustrations and more; and Chess in the Cinema for images and information on how the game has been portrayed in film and TV.

Visit the nine planets and listen to Holst's music at The Nine Planets: A Multimedia Tour of the Solar System. It even includes Sedna (no musical accompaniment).

The Laboratory for Automation Psychology and Decision Processes studies the cognitive aspects of human/computer interaction (and frustration). Take their survey on your level of computer rage. offers "non-stop bhangra madness for the masses," the latest on Bollywood and free mp3 downloads.

Bodies: The Exhibition
by Lin Black
One living body's impressions of this controversial exhibit.

The Life and Work of Elizabeth Siddal
by Ela Schwartz
She was best known as the face that peered
from numerous paintings by the Pre-Raphaelite
Brotherhood, particularly those by her husband
Dante Gabriel Rossetti. But Siddal was more than
just a mindless muse; she was an artist and poet in
her own right. A look at her life, and death, and
a selection of her artwork and poetry.

An Evening with Neil Gaiman,
A Night in Chelsea

An Anonymous Pawn goes to hear Neil Gaiman
read from his new book, gets an autograph or two and spends
the night in a small room amidst some Manhattan greenery.

Battle of the Planets
This August, the International Astronomical Union
will determine what constitutes a planet and what
to name our latest solar system discoveries.
So where does this leave Pluto, Xena and Sedna?

Fireworks in Manhattan
by Norman Borden
Photos of the display over the East River on July Fourth.

The Tetra-Octa-Flexagon
Straight from the pages of Build Your Own
, here comes this little-known square
flexagon composed of eight isosceles triangles
per face. Viva la 8-gon!

New Discoveries of the Hexa-Dodeca-Flexagon
by Ann Schwartz and Jeff Rutzky
The 12-gon is back: this time with more
secrets to unveil, such as wormhole mode
and a new array of hybrid faces

Flexagon Discovery:
The Shape Shifting 12-Gon

by Ann Schwartz
As if ordinary flexagons weren't fascinating
enough, here comes a hexadodecaflexagon
(12-gon for short) with propellers and rogue
triangles. Flexagons aren't created; supposedly
there are an infinite number just waiting for

someone to discover them. A copywriter does
just that and gives us the details

Flexagon Fever
by Ela Schwartz
Who would have thought a writer who didn't get past high
school trig and can't draw a straight line would become
obsessed with a "mathematical oddity," discovering its
properties, and coming up with intriguing designs?

Who Let the Cats Out
Our take on a pressing issue

Poetry and Stories
Not completely forsaken by the Fair Nine

by Barry Keane
With strong narrative and an emphasis on mythical
and naturalistic motifs, this cyclical poem explores
the spiritual and imaginative dimensions of man's
journey through life.

The Threnodies of Jan Kochanowski (Treny)
by Barry Keane
Selected translations of this Polish Renaissance masterpiece,
wherein the poet, in a cycle of nineteen poems, confronts
the death of Orszula, his beloved three-year-old daughter.
The poems are accompanied by commentaries which place
the work within the traditions of consolation literature found
in antiquity.

Footsteps From Another World
by Dáithí Ó hÓgáin

Ireland's mystical past intrudes on its present in
these poems by this distinguished professor of
Irish folklore.

by Barry Keane
An imagined night in the Picador Cafe, where in Warsaw,
November 1918, five burgeoning Polish poets celebrated
the rebirth of the Polish nation with a poetry recital.

Julian Tuwim
by Ela Schwartz
An ode to the Polish poet and one of his greatest works,
"The Common Man"

The Ceiling Is...
by Ian Hnizdo, age 8
Saintly Behavior
by Patrick O'Connor
Two Poems
by James Campbell
by Lin Black
Two Nonsense Poems
by Hilda Quinn

Yellow Flowers
by Phil Mitchell
American GIs in World War II experience a rare, and brief, moment of peace.

When Human Voices Wake Us
by Jay Malkin
A seemingly normal day at the beach turns into something else.


The World of Ryszard Kryska
A showcase of the work of this Polish surrealist.

The Nude Reclining
by Richard Brafford
How artists have interpreted this theme from the Renaissance to today.


Travelogue, Part 3, Myanmar
by Andrew Nickson
A continuation of Mr. Nickson's travels through
Mandalay and on into Bagan.

Travelogue, Part 2
by Andrew Nickson
The peripatetic Nickson gives us a glimpse of Burma, aka Myanmar.

Travelogue Part 1
tinerant traveler and opera fanatic Andrew Nickson takes us from
Italy to Morocco and back.

Fireflies in Malaysia
by Michele C. Hollow
Thousands of these fairylike creatures light up the night in the small
village of Kampung Kuantan.

Darjeeling to Jaisalmer
by Richard Brafford
In which this temperamental artistic genius gives his neighbors and fellow
New Yorkers a break by leaving the country and returns much changed, at
least for the moment.

Bikes in China
by Dick Brafford
Why would the Chinese want to be more like us? Read Dick Brafford's take.

Scenes from a Postcard Collection
If you can't join them, at least you can read their postcards.

A chess term that describes a sneaky move that can often win you the game.
Our attempt at humor.

The Cat Reclining
How artists have interpreted this theme, sort of.

Computer Hell
by Dick Brafford
Something we can all relate to.

Fake Words
Our candidates for the next edition of Webster's.

Who Let the Carts Out?
Forget the cats, here's the real issue at stake.

Where the Sun Doesn't Shine
by Ela Schwartz
A name change for Uranus.

Old Stuff

The Fine Art of Living Small
by Ela Schwartz
Style and sanity in a 7-by-15-foot room?
The House of Dessicant
by M.J.
Mac vs. Windows:The Battle of the Operating Systems
by Larisa C. Hnizdo
A middle-school student looks into the pros and cons
of each OS.
The Wind
by Ian Hnizdo, age 7
The Second Sister
by Lin Black
Ellen Levitt's photography
A site-within-a-site showcasing Ellen's work.

Married to the Queen
by Phil Mitchell
Technical Documentation: Working a Coffee Machine
by R. Lee Sullivan
Operating a coffee machine is a complex task. Here's the technical documentation
to help you get through it.
Battle of the Chias
by Ela Schwartz
In which we ponder Chia Pets, Neopets, and cybersquatting.
Swimming in the Incompetent Sea
While keeping your sanity
An anonymous pawn slams her little round head against the wall after being
manipulated and betrayed by some
Baby Bells.
Jean-Marc Bustamente at the Matthew Marks Gallery
by Gus Flaubert
"Negative landscapes of destruction"
John J. O'Connor at Pierogi Gallery
by Gregory Montreuil
"Mixes the scientific with the absurd"