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You have reached, a place on the vast chessboard of the Internet. Currently under reconstruction. writers, poets, various literary types, artists, photographers, travelers and such can share their words, images and thoughts with others.

Sites To Check

Still using an old school calculator?? - Career Centers Excel Training
Is everyone else using Excel? Think it's too late to learn? Don't be intimidated! Come to The Career Center, and let our Hands-On Instructor-Led Excel classes, show you the way, in to the powerful world of spreadsheets.

Looking for Lewis Carroll
Explore the curious life of the man and the curious way that history and biographers have dealt with him. offers an informative guide to everything you've ever wondered about snowflakes along with amazing photographs using snow crystal photo-microscopy.

Trailblazing Flexagons
Vern Gutenkunst presents a rich repository of flexagon information, history and trivia as well as his own version of the tritetraflexagon. Soon to go e-commerce with flexagon merchandise.

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. May he and his Noodly Appendage bestow blessings upon this site.

Chess Graphics for chess photographs, illustrations and more; and Chess in the Cinema for images and information on how the game has been portrayed in film and TV.

Visit the nine planets and listen to Holst's music at The Nine Planets: A Multimedia Tour of the Solar System. It even includes Sedna (no musical accompaniment).

The Laboratory for Automation Psychology and Decision Processes studies the cognitive aspects of human/computer interaction (and frustration). Take their survey on your level of computer rage. offers "non-stop bhangra madness for the masses," the latest on Bollywood and free mp3 downloads.