A Rant Against
AT&T, MCI, Verizon, Sprint
And Their Wireless Divisions
(My apologies to William Shakespeare)

You promise me minutes
As if such a thing could bear a price
Or be bequeathed as a gift
Instead you have robbed me
Of my time, my minutes untold
Moment upon moment wasted on hold
A pox upon you!
You invaded my sanctum sanctorum
Harping at me to establish an alliance with you
Plying your wares, insinuating false promises
In honey-toned voices
And when I succumb
You forsake me
Blundering back to your four-way farce
Performed in perpetuity amongst you and your ilk
Thieves, buffoons, tricksters all
If I could but denounce thee
Slash these wires,
Abandon these instruments and flee
Alas! Such an act is beyond me.