I used to receive lots of postcards. So many of them were beautiful or amusing, or worthy of keeping for some reason, so I started collecting them. I don't receive nearly as many nowadays. Maybe it's because my family and friends aren't taking interesting vacations. Or we're too tired and overwhelmed or just too jaded when we do to send postcards. And why even bother when you can e-mail messages and images while you're on the road?

After finding my collection in a box in my closet, I decided some of the cards were worth posting again, so to speak. Although you can see the image and read the text, the feel of the cardboard, the stamp on the back, and the handwriting of those who sent them cannot be experienced on a Web site.

Happy trails.

Firenze, Uffizi, Sandro Botticelli, La Primavera

Beautiful art everywhere—and stores! Lots of marbled paper. We are just now getting over our jet lag and lack of sleep. Saw Michelangelo's David today. Tomorrow, we'll go shopping. Getting used to lire as opposed to dollars. See you soon!


Firenze, Incontro di Dante con Beatrice, Henry Holliday

Wonderful shoe stores (and handsome men) everywhere. At least the one is obtainable. We went to Pisa by mistake; we missed the connecting flight to Florence because our plane was late but our suitcases didn't. They had a lovely overnight stay in Rome. Got everything back today.


Kennebunkport, Maine



Hello! This place is as cute as the proverbial button! (I never did understand that—what's so cute about a button anyway?) We have a four-poster bed and our room is all antique decor with little red and white touches here and there. Everything screams country! There's not much to tell, really, except Bush is coming to town Monday and they tried (his offices) to cancel the wedding—they needed the block of rooms we had on reserve for his SS men and etc. The resort wouldn't do it, though.

These incredible limestone formations are a phenomenon found only in the
Pinnacle Desert,Western Australia, where thousands of these unique statues rise out of the sand.


The postcard from Australia has finally arrived. Yes, they let me out of Russia. Leningrad was an interesting place—fabulous art treasures and architecture but obvious shortages of basic commodities and foodstuffs. My tour through the southeast of Finland was also very enjoyable. More people to meet, architecture to see, museums to visit and lots of lakes and forest. By this time, the autumn colors of the trees were just beginning to show—wow!

I have now been back at work one month and I think it is time to start planning my next trip.



Greetings from Atlanta, Georgia


I didn't get to see any of this shit! (Can you say "shit" on a postcard? Yes, thank you 1st amendment!) I'm laid over here for an hour (just long enough for a Southern quickie!) It's 50 degrees, there's lotsa bars at the airport (do people say "Hey! Let's go to the airport and get drunk?") And I detect a DRAWL here'n'there. It's dark outside so I can't see NUTIN. Did you go see "Dr. T & Birdie"? Hope to see you when I get back. Walk in the light—use your "destructor." Take care, y'all.


Live lobsters and Lobster traps

They're loose! My God! Can NOTHING destroy them!? The MUTANT lobsters from outer space are attacking! Quick! Get me some drawn butter, lemon, and the biggest NUTCRACKER you can find! Weather is fickle up here. Air is crisp, sharp. BOOKSTORES galore. Food's scrumptiously DECADENT. Most of all, the rest and relaxation is REVITALIZING.

Hope you experienced some fireworks on the 4th. See you.


Le Testament D'Orphee, Jean Cocteau


I don't know why I thought of you when I saw these. I hope you like the colors... I wanted to thank you for taking the time to type up my resume and again offer you a yoga session at your convenience.

Thanks again!


London, Houses of Parliament

Well now I'm in Amsterdam. London sucked. The people are so stuck up. The only failing they see in themselves is they can't kiss their own asses. Amsterdam is great art, great sleaze and great architecture. All out in the open. I have a language problem. They may speak English but they don't volunteer it. It's tough when nothing makes sense. That's what I do for a living. I don't expect to go through it on vacation.

Talk to you next week.


Metro station, Washington, D.C.


Well I ran out of funds so this is where I've been sleeping since I got here.

Boy, Washington sure is scenic.


by Everett Peck, Los Angeles, California

I know it looks silly, but it is effective. I have one too. You should get one if you come here.











































































































































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