Venus Walks


The sidewalk gutters channeled little rivers. The pavement,
windows, cars, all surfaces were aglow with rain reflecting the street and traffic lights against the darkness like jewels scintillating and stars shining.

And then the Goddess Venus passed in front of us, wearing
only a reddish-orange transparent plastic raincoat.
She looked really good after having, so long ago,
stepped off the half-shell.



A Glass of Wine


After a lifetime distinguished for an impressive lack
of success, the artist, standing at the edge of oblivion,
doubted his own flamboyant delusions, which had sustained
him thus far, and mused that maybe if he quit drinking, lost
weight or attempted some other self-improvement, the
creative spirit, forever youthful, would again manifest andů.

He sipped the red wine from its glass. Curious how dry
the liquid and how brilliant its brittleness complemented
his reverie.

—Written and illustrated by James Campbell, New York City



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