The Second Sister

I am the second sister
Not the first to blaze the trail
Just grudgingly took up the quest
That I was doomed to fail
I did not rid the dog of fleas
Or dry the Moon's sad tears
Insulted the old fairy and was cursed
To spit snakes and toads for years
The prince did not look my way
When I sneaked into the ball
The witch said my housekeeping
Did nothing but appall
I always searched to make amends
But never spoke the magic words
To win over dwarves as friends
Or please the talking birds
The secrets and sage advice
Were not confided to me
But locked away behind mute lips
Reserved for Sister Three
The fairest of them all,
with her knowing smile
Deft hand, silver tongue, quick mind
The ability to beguile
Prince and populace
Break the spell
Set the statues free
While I strayed off the path once more
And lie here now, a common stone
Will you find me here, alone?
I no longer covet your crown
I am but weary of being cast down
And long for this story's release
So I can lick my wounds in peace

—Lin Black



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