Two Nonsense Poems

An arrogant grandfather clock once stood
Against the drawing room wall
It ticked the seconds, struck the hours
Lorded proudly over all
Standing smug
On its Persian rug
Until the day it lost a minute
Its timing wandered day by day
Till tock was tick and tick was tockery
And it provoked assorted mockery
From other objects on display
But candlesticks are attic-bound
Chandeliers have gathered dust
Drawing rooms are so outre
And grandfather clocks are left to rust

"I only seek to please,"
Sang the butterfly
As it flitted from flower to flower
The little flies did not care
They were enthralled by
the stop sign standing there
Exercising baronial power
"Such authority is beyond compare
To stand so still and tall and red
And tell all when to desist," they said,
"Of course it's all the rage
To be so obstinate and proud!
We worship you, we insist!"
they cried, then dropped down dead


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