Technical Documentation: Working a Coffee Machine

Subject: Gain Expertise in the New Flavia Coffee Machine—Interactive On-Demand Webinar Presentation Available Online
Gain Expertise in the New Flavia Coffee  Machine
Interactive On-Demand Webinar Presentation
Available Online: View the Virtual Demo.
Caffeine is the cornerstone of the modern workplace.  Flavia’s S350 Beverage System is the most advanced liquid caffeination system available.  Mastering the workings of this best-of-breed device is essential for managing rules that provide cutting-edge motivation, optimize alertness, and visualize objectives at the office, giving you and your enterprise a competitive advantage that enhances your ROI and increases your bottom line without enlarging your bottom end.

What you will learn

In this interactive on-demand webinar presentation available online, you will learn how to:

* Deposit quarters
* Push buttons
* Insert Filter
* Position paper cups
* Handle hot liquids
Who should attend:

This interactive on-demand webinar presentation available online is intended for:
* Sleepy developers
* Thirsty IT managers
* Bored ISVs
* Cranky SOBs

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