89-90: ‘Had she lived longer ... Death’s rampage.’ Death is such a certainty that even had Orszula lived to an extraordinary old age she would still have eventually arrived at death’s door. Kochanowski indirectly alludes to the story of the Cumaean Sibyl, who was offered by lusty Apollo her heart's desire: "I pointed to a heap of dust which had been swept together, and foolishly asked that I might have as many birthdays as there were grains of dust: but I forgot to ask for perpetual youth as well. Yet Phoebus offered me all those years, and eternal youth too, if I would suffer his love. I scorned his gift, and remained unwed. Now the happier time of life is fled, and with shaky steps comes sick old age, which I must long endure." Ovid, Metamorphoses XIV 133-140, cf. Virgil, Aeneid VI 77-102.