Richard Brafford, renowned Artistic genius, Music critic, Poet, World traveler and now Web Desecrator is the true definition of winner! Dick is well known for his impeccable wit, loud mouth, harsh criticism and abrasive personality. His endless energy drives some people to insanity, while others find it entertaining. Many of his paintings are now considered priceless, such as his series of anti-children cereals like CAP'N CRAP and FROOT POOPS! He has opinions on almost any topic, his favorite is how stupid the middle class are and how capitalism panders to their extremely bad taste. Just about every day he considers suicide, but is too much of a coward to commit it. He loves New York City one day, the next day it's a cesspool of greed! Of course, he is the last of the Romantics, hanging on by a thread. His neighbors, friends, and co-workers find him to be a little too intense and temperamental. So many great men of the past were difficult and this is certainly a sign of Mr. Brafford's genius. One does find his humor very vulgar, but it's part of his charm! He just wouldn't be a Dick without it. Normally his jokes are very truthful about fabulous people and how they all deserve to die! While visiting India he charmed the local village people of Jaipur with his sick jokes about the fabulousness of the self-centered wicked West. Wherever he travels, the locals find his humor irresistible. There is only one Dick Brafford, thank God. The world couldn't handle another. See more of Dicks work at Orpheuswebdesign or Dickswebdesign.


Richard Brafford after his morning depression followed by endless phone calls to friends complaining about how disgusting the human race is.